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The book includes three documented stories of three historical periods, in which the Jew is depicted "as he is", as the author puts it, and not "the way he is perceived". The book sheds light on the Jews' reaction to oppression in three periods: 1) Muhammad and the birth of Islam. 2) The Chmelnitzki rebellion. 3) The Holocaust and the Warsaw Ghetto. Each chapter focuses on people who lived in that period and describes their actions, their culture and their fate, against the background of the historical events of the same period. The book reads like a novel, with dramatic and literary characteristics. Its language and style are readable for students and teachers alike." Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture,
"An original style of writing and a view of events from an interesting perspective." (Shimon Peres, When Israel's Prime minister)
"...You read it with bated breath...on the background of the historical events which come to life before your eyes... The book emphasizes that the Jews have stature and that they were not designated to be eliminated or erased, for ever - for ever! So that there is hope." O. Schwartz, Yedioth Ahronot, Israel
"Reading Shlomo Kalo's book "FOREVERMORE" I learned about his unique way of introducing segments from the Jewish people history. The way of writing, which is divided into themes, and his short descriptions invite the reader to continue and to go on reading. An interesting book indeed." Avraham Burg, Chairman, World Zionist Organization

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