English edition by DAT Publications
ISBN 965-7028-36-1
Other languages: Hebrew
Soft cover, 180 pages

Eight Stories which speak for themselves. Eight worlds in collision with one another, contradicting one another, vying with one another - and ultimately blending into a single, unbreakable whole. Each story has a broad, charged opening, exposing - from behind narcotic routine, definitive slogans, revolutions revealed as merely empty husks of wheat - truth sharp as a razor, impossible to ignore. The plot flows at dizzying pace, with piercing, merciless succinctness, unencumbered by literary conceits, breaking barriers, shattering conventions, rising above rules, names, titles, domains, levels, layers. From snow-capped peaks, the reader is cast into the furnaces of Hell, and back again, so that he may see what he has refused, with manic obstinacy, to see: his aspirations as a reality from which there is no escape, horrifically ugly. "Hope ('Hatikvah') in the national anthem. In the heart - if there is one". Is there?

"Every once in a while a work of art is written in a perfect language, as in the case of Shlomo Kalo's work "Kidnap"... a precise language like the Bible's language... a juicy, vigorous style like Isaac Babel's style... immeasurably profound conciseness... Young, dynamic freshness... a sweeping insight into the innermost recesses of the heroes' souls. Read, absorb, enjoy." "Shlomo Kalo's Stories - Profundity and Dynamism" S. Groman, Vesti newspaper, Israel

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