English edition by DAT Publications
ISBN 978-965-7028-45-2
Other languages: Hebrew
Soft cover, 557 pages
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A unique blend of love story, social commentary and spiritual essay - set against the raw and vibrant human landscape of Jaffa.

"It is an extremely well written and evocative novel".
C. Wachtel, William Morrow, US
"Kalo draws his characters with an impressive talent for realism and story-telling … LILI has clear literary virtues… The novel's structure and inner architecture are immaculate and its plot, in spite of the contemplative layer, is suspenseful… The writer is as sensitive to the language as he is to the visible world, to the sea, to the city, to nature…What makes LILI an interesting work is not its "literary" per-se nor its "philosophy" per-se but rather the interweave of both"
A. Glessner, Maariv newspaper, Israel
"Lili is an ambitious, sweeping book, especially moving at the end…Shlomo Kalo is, obviously, a writer of talent, vision and significant accomplishment." 
Daniel Menaker, US

"…An emotionally-searing, thought-provoking read... it is a good read."K. Lyall Grant, S&S, UK

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