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Text from various books written by Shlomo Kalo (Main)

Nor Even To Thyself (and other discourses titles - selected chapters)

The Day is Coming (full text)

The Trousers - Parables for the 21st Century (selected two stories )

Answers (selected answers) and A Raw Youth asks about God (selcted dialogs)

From the Media and THE CHOSEN (2 videos, and interview and a third of Kalo's largest literary work)


The Day is Coming

Published at: 23/06/2012

Nor even to thyself

Published at: 27/06/2012


Published at: 27/06/2012

The Trousers

Published at: 27/06/2012

The Chosen

Published at: 29/06/2012


Published at: 06/07/2012
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