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A reportage and an Interview with Shlomo Kalo on the occasion of the publishing of his book THE CHOSEN.

It was aired on the only channel Israeli TV had at the time.
(Dec. 30 1994)

(Read here excerpt from THE CHOSEN)
A few years later, following the distortion of his answers and words on many occasions, Kalo broke all his ties with the media, saying that a person who respects himself would not cooperate with such an abuse.

In 2012, a documentary titled "The Way Back" was released in theatres and aired by Israeli TV networks.
Produced by the Israeli Broadcast Authority and Totseret Haaretz Productions, the documentary tells the life story of Rivka Zohar-Kalo, Shlomo Kalo's wife who is a famous singer. In the following short clip from the movie, Shlomo Kalo talks about his worldview.


Transcription of a Radio interview with Shlomo Kalo, Dec. 1, 1995 at  "Radio Lelo Hafsaka" radio station, hosted by journalist Nissim Mishal
Host, Nissim Mishal: ... Si Heiman announced a special broadcast day dedicated to the International AIDS day, we will soon discuss this field with our guest, Shlomo Kalo, a micro-biologist, thinker and author… Good morning sir!
Shlomo Kalo: Good morning!
N.M.: As a person who directed for 26 years medical laboratories, do you still maintain your notion that it is not the AIDS virus that is the cause of the disease, but rather... Or at least not only the virus? On what do you base this assertion?
S.K.: The meaning is that it is not only the virus. And the basis of this opinion is the medical convention held in Atlanta, U.S., in 1992 in which 50 AIDS cases were introduced, lacking any AIDS viruses and the specific antibodies. And the number of the AIDS infected that lack the virus and the antibodies has been increasing ever since. And to the penetrating question: What is the use of searching for an immune against the virus, the participants of the convention did not have an answer 
N.M.: So what is to your opinion the cause of AIDS?
S.K.: The cause to AIDS, in my opinion, is a repeated penetration of different and changing micro-organisms. Each individual has its own micro-organisms, that is, viruses, germs, fungi, etc., to which his body became accustomed, and so did his partner's body. If the number of partners increases, the body cannot cope with the zoo that each partner brings along with him. His immune system collapses. The deadly consequence is called - AIDS.
 N.M.: It means, a failure occurs in the immune system?
 S.K.: Exactly.
 N.M.: Yes. … now if the not yet invented vaccine will not help, so what…  let's move to another matter: What about the condom, this wouldn't help either?
S.K.: It would surely help with one explicit condition: That they will succeed to condomize the lips and the tongue and the whole body.
N.M.: …Aha, and if so, why does medicine recommend of a condom?
S.K.:  Because it does not have anything to hold on to.
 N.M.: If so, if I listen very intentionally to what you are saying, it means that in your opinion, as a matter of fact, there is no way to cope with AIDS.
S.K.: On the contrary. There is an excellent way, an absolutely efficient way that would stop AIDS immediately, and would root out the disease. This way is called: An unreserved loyalty amongst the couple.
N.M.: Yes, but this is what is called an Utopia.
S.K.: So there will be AIDS.
N.M.: In other words, either you are loyal or you are exposed to AIDS?
S.K.: Hundred percent exposed. Because those cases without the virus and without the antibodies threaten with an unknown means of infection.
N.M.: By the way, you know there was a conference this week in Jerusalem and there was an estimation made by one of the great experts that within a period of a decade there would be found a cure to AIDS. Have you heard of..?
S.K.: I heard something to the contrary: That there was a Professor Scheinfeld (Tel Aviv Univ. School of Med.) who lectured on AIDS that would eliminate Africa with in 15 years.
N.M.: In other words you are going to the other side and say: They will not find a cure for the AIDS virus.
S.K.: No. There is no need to find. There is already a cure. The cure is an unreserved loyalty  amongst the couple. There is no other cure. And this would immediately stop it and root it out.
N.M.: In other words, it is a pity, that all those millions and billions are being spent...
S.K.: It is indeed a pity. It is such a pity because in some sense, it's mere lip-service. The truth is that loyalty proving itself, and slowly people turn to it, and give advice, but they don't have the courage to publicly say: This is the only and the hundred percent efficient cure.
N.M.: This is a revolution in the scientific world, if they hear these things...
S.K.: I don't know if this is a revolution. This is the truth.
N.M.: In other words you actually tell them stop researching, stop sittings in laboratories, stop wasting money stop messing about. The solution exists - loyalty.
S.K.: The matter is not about stopping,... Turn all those resources in the right direction.
N.M.: To education.
S.K.: To education to loyalty.
N.M.: It is interesting how would scientist respond when they hear your words...
S.K.: Respond or not. This is the truth. And if they want to be loyal to themselves, it is impossible for them not to support this with both hands.
N.M.: Would you like to say something in conclusion, for the International AIDS day?
S.K.: Certainly.
N.M.: Please.
S.K.: Be loyal and you'll be happy, without condoms, without abortions and without AIDS.
N.M.: Loyalty leads to happiness?
S.K.: To happiness, to stability, and to a correct perception of life, and to joy.
N.M.: Thank you very much, Shlomo Kalo,
S.K.: All the best, good luck!
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