The Chosen (the full series)
English edition by DAT Publications ISBN 978-965-7028-41-4
Other languages; Korean, Hebrew
Soft cover, 634 pages

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Shlomo Kalo's largest literary work and one of his best selling title in Israel.
"An extraordinary novel with its vivid descriptions, unique linguistic style and unconventional approach to its theme - the theme of love. Based on the Biblical story of Daniel, it is a living epic, full of drama and fascination, with characters, relationships, places and events - transcending definition and transcending time".

"Shlomo Kalo's rich style breathes new life into ancient biblical stories and I admired his ability to so beautifully render emotional and historical landscapes."
J. Grau, Penguin, US
"A few months ago I received a book as a present. It was Shlomo Kalo's 'The Chosen'. I read this master-piece just as slowly as I could, hoping I would never finish it. The book, which is based on the Biblical book of Daniel, deals with love: A love of a human being to another human being, of a man to a woman and mainly, with the love of God who is Love. The truth that Kalo describes touches the soul, fills up the heart and sheds light upon the meaning of existence, along with sorrow - for those who have not been acquainted with it yet." Dr Y. Galore, Maariv newspaper, Israel
"Well written and extremely engaging." K. Shumate, Harvest House, US
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