The Dollar and the Gun
English edition by Calder Publications (now OneWorld Classics), UK and by DAT Publications, Israel
ISBN 965-7028-33-7
Other languages: Hebrew, Greek, Italian, Serbo-Croat, Rumanian, Malayalam
Soft cover, 166 pages

Backcover, UK edition: "With this collection of short stories, one of Israel's most controversial and polemical writers is made available to the British and American readers for the first time… Shlomo Kalo portrays human behaviour influenced by greed, lust and misfortune against a back-drop of contemporary world politics, international conflict and intrigue… With writing that is highly charged, poetic and at once disturbing, Kalo exposes a cruel reality in which the reader will recognize himself with ease…"

"A masterpiece of writing with a penetrating wittiness, while each story has a documentary basis. This book of Shlomo Kalo welcomes the 21st century." S. Dun, Vesti, Israel.
"It is a very startling work, powerful and engaging, and a really intense analysis of humanity" Helen Gummer, S&S, UK

Genre: Literary fiction - short stories    
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