The Fantastical Adventures of Leutenlieb...
English edition by DAT Publications ISBN 978-965-7028-43-4
Other languages: Hebrew
Soft cover, 374 pages

The Fantastical Adventures of Leutenlieb of the House of Munchausen, Great-Great-Great-Grandson of the Celebrated Baron Hieronymus of the House of Munchausen

That rarest of things, a children’s book for “children” of all ages…
In this picaresque and highly entertaining novel, Leutenlieb, a.k.a. Baron Munchausen (great-great-great grandson of his celebrated ancestor), takes us on a roller-coaster ride through the political and social history of the Twentieth Century, introducing us along the way to a galaxy of iconic figures – from Hitler to Hemingway, from Al Capone to Greta Garbo – while describing how, with breath-taking imagination, brilliant ingenuity and technological expertise of staggering proportions (not to mention legendary modesty!) he succeeds in solving all the problems with which he is faced.
The darker side is there too – two world wars, Nazi extermination camps and Soviet labour camps – but through it all, our protagonist maintains his optimism, his integrity, his belief in the power of the indomitable human spirit, and his sense of humour. The full tragi-comedy of life is there.

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