The Trousers - Parables for the 21st Century
English edition by DAT Publications ISBN 965-7028-23-x
Other languages: Hebrew
Soft cover, 223 pages

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Aesop revisited! Selected tales, some old, some new - and all of them transcending the constraints of time and place – as narrated by a storyteller of international renown. A unique blend of inspiration and imagination.

"...The ending of many of the stories is surprising. A weave of various relationships, different human backgrounds from the East to the West. The book deals mainly with the quest for personal happiness and with the question "what is this eternal happiness?" The examples of different wise men, spiritual figures and their followers as well as charlatans and impostors, underline the themes at various levels.
I recommend adding this book to the bookshelf of every home." Rabbi H. Dovrat, Lahav magazine, Israel
"Enjoyable and unique". K. Barker, Penguin UK
"It is an intriguing collection of stories, and I admire the vision of Kalo's writing. He is obviously a writer of great talent". S. Folkins, Penguin Canada

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