The Day is Coming
English editions by:
St Pauls the Philippines, Claretian Publications India and DAT Publications.
ISBN 965-7028-29-9
Other languages: Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Polish, Hungarian and Korean
Soft cover, 157 pages

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A book may excite, shock, move and nevertheless fade away with time and be forgotten.
“The Day Is Coming” will excite, shock, challenge, shake up and will not fade away with time and will not be forgotten. The reader will return to it and read it with ever growing interest and deep satisfaction, with anger perhaps or embarrassment, guilt feelings, shame or thankfulness.
The events that are described in “The Day Is Coming” from an exceptional angle will inevitably leave their imprint on the reader, leading him to conscious soul-searching. The book is taken in, in a single breath.

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Genre: inspirational, Biblical based    
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