English edition by DAT Publications ISBN 978-965-7028-42-1
Other languages: Hebrew
Soft cover, 185 pages

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A lethal micro-organism, adapted to attack only the DNA of Jews, is running riot in a settlement in Galilee. The Mossad is drafted in to avert disaster, and the professional experience of the narrator proves to be of vital importance...
Racially-motivated biological warfare is the chilling spectre evoked by renowned storyteller Shlomo Kalo, in this fast-moving and tightly-plotted novel, a "thriller" indeed.

"This work of Kalo’s is an interesting, fast-paced read, and a story very relevant in these recent troubled days. I was particularly charmed by the narrator’s relationship to his wife, which comes across with much tenderness amidst the worry and intrigue of the main plot".Millicent Bennett, HarperCollins, US

Genre: Thriller with spiritual bent    
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