The Chosen book II: The Prophet
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An Epic Novel Based on the Biblical story of Daniel
Based on the Biblical story of Daniel, THE PROPHET is the second installment of the bestselling historical novel, THE CHOSEN, by Shlomo Kalo, one of the most prolific writers in Israel and a nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

In THE PROPHET, the figures in the Babylon court who have taken to Daniel - or envy and hate him - come to the fore. His counsel is sought by those in power, including Nebuchadnezzar himself. Daniel is challenged by many things: the affections of Adelain, the daughter of a high commander; the revolt being hatched by the small Jewish community in Babylon; and by news of a potentially disastrous plot to rise up against Babylon being planned far away in the court of his homeland, Judea.

Daniel, with the trust he has gained, is allowed to bring his sweetheart, Nejeen to Babylon, and ultimately, four weddings take place in Babylon for Daniel and his three friends.

Book II ends in rebellion in Judea and Nebuchadnezzar’s demand for death for any who do not kneel to his statue, resulting in a dramatic fate for Daniel and his friends.
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