The Chosen book III: A Man Much Loved
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An Epic Novel Based on the Biblical story of Daniel
Based on the Biblical story of Daniel, A MAN MUCH LOVED is the third installment of the bestselling historical novel, THE CHOSEN, by Shlomo Kalo, one of the most prolific writers in Israel and a nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

At the start of A MAN MUCH LOVED, Nebuchadnezzar’s army, after a long siege, takes Jerusalem again, this time destroying the Temple and much of the city. Daniel later learns his family has been killed, as well. He retains his powers as advisor in Babylon, bringing dream reading and counselling to Nebuchadnezzar himself. After Nebuchadnezzar dies, however, his weak son takes the throne and the situation deteriorates. Among the many trials he faces, Daniel passes a test in the den of lions.

In a dramatic climax, the visions Daniel sees are explained to him. One of the prophecies of a new day for Jerusalem comes to pass, and his and his people's exile draws near to its end.

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