January 26, 2018 Our next free campaigns will be for the titles: The Fantastical Adventures of Leutenlieb...  on February 5, and for THRILLER: The Galilee Plot on March 6, 2018

November 3, 2017 Our next free campaigns will be for the titles: THE CHOSEN Book I THE YOHTH  on November 16 and for THRILLER: The Galilee Plot on December 27, 2017

November 2017 Following "The Chosen" we have luanched so far on Amazon the titles: Lili (print and Kindle), Athat (print and Kindle), Forevermore (print and Kindle),  Thriller: The Galilee Plot (print and Kindle), Prables: The Trousers (print and Kindle),
The Fantastical Adventures of Leutenlieb of the House of Munchausen (print and kindle).

November 2017 - In recent 2 years +, during  a few campaigns at Amazon Kindle Store, about 20,000 people downloaded "The Chosen Book I: The Youth" for free, making it reach the days following the campaigns the #1 world bestseller in 2 historical and inspirational fiction categoreis at Amazon. The Kindle edition title has sold so far 2400 (paid) copies.
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