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LILI cover

A unique blend of love story, social commentary and spiritual essay - set against the raw and vibrant human landscape of Jaffa.

"It is an extremely well written and evocative novel". C. Wachtel, William Morrow, US
"Kalo draws his characters with an impressive talent for realism and story-telling … LILI has clear literary virtues… The novel's structure and inner architecture are immaculate and its plot, in spite of the contemplative layer, is suspenseful… The writer is as sensitive to the language as he is to the visible world, to the sea, to the city, to nature…What makes LILI an interesting work is not its "literary" per-se nor its "philosophy" per-se but rather the interweave of both" A. Glessner, Maariv newspaper, Israel
"Lili is an ambitious, sweeping book, especially moving at the end…Shlomo Kalo is, obviously, a writer of talent, vision and significant accomplishment." Daniel Menaker, US
"…An emotionally-searing, thought-provoking read... it is a good read." K. Lyall Grant, S&S, UK

English edition by DAT Publications ISBN 978-965-7028-45-2
Other languages: Hebrew
Soft cover, 557 pages
Price: 22.90.  19.90 US$,
the chosen envelope

Shlomo Kalo's largest literary work and one of his best selling title in Israel.
"An extraordinary novel with its vivid descriptions, unique linguistic style and unconventional approach to its theme - the theme of love. Based on the Biblical story of Daniel, it is a living epic, full of drama and fascination, with characters, relationships, places and events - transcending definition and transcending time".

"Shlomo Kalo's rich style breathes new life into ancient biblical stories and I admired his ability to so beautifully render emotional and historical landscapes." J. Grau, Penguin, US
"A few months ago I received a book as a present. It was Shlomo Kalo's 'The Chosen'. I read this master-piece just as slowly as I could, hoping I would never finish it. The book, which is based on the Biblical book of Daniel, deals with love: A love of a human being to another human being, of a man to a woman and mainly, with the love of God who is Love. The truth that Kalo describes touches the soul, fills up the heart and sheds light upon the meaning of existence, along with sorrow - for those who have not been acquainted with it yet." Dr Y. Galore, Maariv newspaper, Israel
"Well written and extremely engaging." K. Shumate, Harvest House, US

English edition by DAT Publications ISBN 978-965-7028-41-4
Other languages; Korean, Hebrew
Soft cover, 634 pages
Price: 24.90  21.90 US$,
cover of the dollar and the gun

Backcover, UK edition: "With this collection of short stories, one of Israel's most controversial and polemical writers is made available to the British and American readers for the first time… Shlomo Kalo portrays human behaviour influenced by greed, lust and misfortune against a back-drop of contemporary world politics, international conflict and intrigue… With writing that is highly charged, poetic and at once disturbing, Kalo exposes a cruel reality in which the reader will recognize himself with ease…"

"A masterpiece of writing with a penetrating wittiness, while each story has a documentary basis. This book of Shlomo Kalo welcomes the 21st century." S. Dun, Vesti, Israel.
"It is a very startling work, powerful and engaging, and a really intense analysis of humanity" Helen Gummer, S&S, UK

English edition by Calder Publications (now OneWorld Classics), UK and by DAT Publications, Israel ISBN 965-7028-33-7
Other languages: Hebrew, Greek, Italian, Serbo-Croat, Rumanian, Malayalam
Soft cover, 166 pages
Price: 17.10  13.70 US$
cover image of Leutenlieb of Munchausen
The Fantastical Adventures of Leutenlieb of the House of Munchausen, Great-Great-Great-Grandson of the Celebrated Baron Hieronymus of the House of Munchausen

That rarest of things, a children’s book for “children” of all ages…
In this picaresque and highly entertaining novel, Leutenlieb, a.k.a. Baron Munchausen (great-great-great grandson of his celebrated ancestor), takes us on a roller-coaster ride through the political and social history of the Twentieth Century, introducing us along the way to a galaxy of iconic figures – from Hitler to Hemingway, from Al Capone to Greta Garbo – while describing how, with breath-taking imagination, brilliant ingenuity and technological expertise of staggering proportions (not to mention legendary modesty!) he succeeds in solving all the problems with which he is faced.
The darker side is there too – two world wars, Nazi extermination camps and Soviet labour camps – but through it all, our protagonist maintains his optimism, his integrity, his belief in the power of the indomitable human spirit, and his sense of humour. The full tragi-comedy of life is there.

English edition by DAT Publications ISBN 978-965-7028-43-4
Other languages: Hebrew
Soft cover, 374 pages
Price: 21.40   19.70 US$

cover image of The Trousers - honest stories 
THE TROUSERS – Parables for the 21st Century

Aesop revisited! Selected tales, some old, some new - and all of them transcending the constraints of time and place – as narrated by a storyteller of international renown. A unique blend of inspiration and imagination.

"...The ending of many of the stories is surprising. A weave of various relationships, different human backgrounds from the East to the West. The book deals mainly with the quest for personal happiness and with the question "what is this eternal happiness?" The examples of different wise men, spiritual figures and their followers as well as charlatans and impostors, underline the themes at various levels.
I recommend adding this book to the bookshelf of every home." Rabbi H. Dovrat, Lahav magazine, Israel
"Enjoyable and unique". K. Barker, Penguin UK
"It is an intriguing collection of stories, and I admire the vision of Kalo's writing. He is obviously a writer of great talent". S. Folkins, Penguin Canada

English edition by DAT Publications ISBN 965-7028-23-x
Other languages: Hebrew
Soft cover, 223 pages
Price: 16.80 US$
cover image of ATHAR 

Based on the author’s own experience, as a teenage partisan interned in a concentration camp in his native Bulgaria, this book paints a vivid picture of the harsh realities of the daily routine. A varied cast of characters – ranging from sadistic paramilitaries to skeletal inmates engaged in a grotesque struggle for survival – is brought vividly to life. The style is terse, direct and uncompromising, making no concessions to sentimentality and eschewing conventional literary flourishes. Interspersed in the text there are quotations from various religious sources – Jewish, Christian, and mystical – underlining the author’s belief in the survival of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

"It is rare to encounter such compelling book - a book that contains so many overwhelming emotions, an ethereal, poetic and yet earthly prose, Indeed… Athar is a unique work. …an unforgettable book of such tremendous quality" W. R. Helms, The New Press, US
"'Athar' is without doubt a remarkable novel - poetic, tough, moving and disturbing. I admired it greatly…Shlomo Kalo's wonderful work."
I. Pereira, Bloomsbury, UK

English edition by DAT Publications ISBN 978-965-7028-46-9
Other languages: Hebrew
Soft cover, 179 pages
Price: 17.10   15.70 US$

cover image of FOREVERMORE 

The book includes three documented stories of three historical periods, in which the Jew is depicted "as he is", as the author puts it, and not "the way he is perceived". The book sheds light on the Jews' reaction to oppression in three periods: 1) Muhammad and the birth of Islam. 2) The Chmelnitzki rebellion. 3) The Holocaust and the Warsaw Ghetto. Each chapter focuses on people who lived in that period and describes their actions, their culture and their fate, against the background of the historical events of the same period. The book reads like a novel, with dramatic and literary characteristics. Its language and style are readable for students and teachers alike." Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture,
"An original style of writing and a view of events from an interesting perspective." (Shimon Peres, When Israel's Prime minister)
"...You read it with bated breath...on the background of the historical events which come to life before your eyes... The book emphasizes that the Jews have stature and that they were not designated to be eliminated or erased, for ever - for ever! So that there is hope." O. Schwartz, Yedioth Ahronot, Israel
"Reading Shlomo Kalo's book "FOREVERMORE" I learned about his unique way of introducing segments from the Jewish people history. The way of writing, which is divided into themes, and his short descriptions invite the reader to continue and to go on reading. An interesting book indeed."
Avraham Burg, Chairman, World Zionist Organization

English edition by DAT Publications ISBN 965-7028-27-2
Other languages: Hebrew, Rumanian
Hardback, 160 pages
Price: 18.95  14.80 US$

cover image of KIDNAP

Eight Stories which speak for themselves. Eight worlds in collision with one another, contradicting one another, vying with one another - and ultimately blending into a single, unbreakable whole. Each story has a broad, charged opening, exposing - from behind narcotic routine, definitive slogans, revolutions revealed as merely empty husks of wheat - truth sharp as a razor, impossible to ignore. The plot flows at dizzying pace, with piercing, merciless succinctness, unencumbered by literary conceits, breaking barriers, shattering conventions, rising above rules, names, titles, domains, levels, layers. From snow-capped peaks, the reader is cast into the furnaces of Hell, and back again, so that he may see what he has refused, with manic obstinacy, to see: his aspirations as a reality from which there is no escape, horrifically ugly. "Hope ('Hatikvah') in the national anthem. In the heart - if there is one". Is there?

"Every once in a while a work of art is written in a perfect language, as in the case of Shlomo Kalo's work "Kidnap"... a precise language like the Bible's language... a juicy, vigorous style like Isaac Babel's style... immeasurably profound conciseness... Young, dynamic freshness... a sweeping insight into the innermost recesses of the heroes' souls. Read, absorb, enjoy." "Shlomo Kalo's Stories - Profundity and Dynamism"
S. Groman, Vesti newspaper, Israel

English edition by DAT Publications ISBN 965-7028-36-1
Other languages: Hebrew
Soft cover, 180 pages
Price: 17.10 13.90 US$
cover image of ERRAL

An autobiographical novel.
A Jewish youth, 18 years of age, a native of Bulgaria – a country still bearing the imprint of the horrors of the Second World War, which has just ended, and in which he served as an anti-fascist partisan – sets out to study medicine in Prague… The book traces his subsequent career, from student to trainee pilot to pioneering medical scientist, culminating in the traumatic spiritual experience which utterly changed his life. The story is leavened with honest accounts of sometimes fraught personal relationships – as well as tense relationships with Communist Party apparatchiks, his former comrades. A ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ for our times, which happens to be true…

“I read ‘Erral’ almost in one breath. I couldn’t put it down and I can’t wait to reread it. The book astonished me with its openness, its fearlessness and rejection of literary conceits… an exploration of free will, with the personal challenge of carnal impulses – and the explosive finale. An outstanding piece of writing.”
Dr. Natti Ronel

English edition by DAT Publications
Other languages: Hebrew
Soft cover, 200 pages ISBN 965-7028-40-x
Price: 18.50  16.80 US$
cover image of THE IMAGE 

A full-colour, Album format book, introducing a method of analyzing individuals' character based on their facial features.
"The 'Animal-Image', the method presented here, provides a clear, unequivocal definition of an individual's nature, character, weaknesses, strengths and vulnerabilities, what can be expected of him and what he will never be capable of. In this sense, for those practiced in it, it may be said that the method is superior to any previously suggested."
All major media outlets in Israel, both the written and
the electronic have widely covered THE IMAGE Hebrew edition.

English edition by DAT Publications.
Other languages: Hebrew.
Hardback, Album format ISBN 965-7028-24-8
112 pages
Price: 11.40  9.10 US$

cover image of The Day is Coming

A book may excite, shock, move and nevertheless fade away with time and be forgotten.
“The Day Is Coming” will excite, shock, challenge, shake up and will not fade away with time and will not be forgotten. The reader will return to it and read it with ever growing interest and deep satisfaction, with anger perhaps or embarrassment, guilt feelings, shame or thankfulness.
The events that are described in “The Day Is Coming” from an exceptional angle will inevitably leave their imprint on the reader, leading him to conscious soul-searching. The book is taken in, in a single breath.

English editions by: St Pauls the Philippines, Claretian Publications India and DAT Publications. ISBN 965-7028-29-9
Other languages: Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Polish, Hungarian and Korean
Soft cover, 157 pages
Price: 16.99  13.70 US$
cover image of THIRLLER 

A lethal micro-organism, adapted to attack only the DNA of Jews, is running riot in a settlement in Galilee. The Mossad is drafted in to avert disaster, and the professional experience of the narrator proves to be of vital importance...
Racially-motivated biological warfare is the chilling spectre evoked by renowned storyteller Shlomo Kalo, in this fast-moving and tightly-plotted novel, a "thriller" indeed.

"This work of Kalo’s is an interesting, fast-paced read, and a story very relevant in these recent troubled days. I was particularly charmed by the narrator’s relationship to his wife, which comes across with much tenderness amidst the worry and intrigue of the main plot".
Millicent Bennett, HarperCollins, US

English edition by DAT Publications ISBN 978-965-7028-42-1
Other languages: Hebrew
Soft cover, 185 pages
Price:   15.70 US$
cover image of The Self as Fighter

Philosophical, realistic fiction.
"Undoubtedly the most significant landmark in contemporary spiritual literature... Shlomo Kalo, sets basic criteria for achieving the purpose of life for those yearning for it, and defines, an acute definition, the very essence of the freedom it grants". Dr. Natti Ronel,

English edition by St Pauls Publications, UK
Other languages: Hebrew, Spanish and Bulgarian.
Soft cover, 155 pages
Price:   10.90 US$
cover image of Mount of Happiness

Commentary to Matthew 5-7
A small pocket book.
English edition by St Pauls Philippines, and DAT Publications.

Other languages: Hebrew.
Soft cover, A very small pocket book ISBN 965-7028-34-5
Soft cover, 95 pages
Price: 5.70   4.50 US$

without words no. 1without words no. 2


A small pocket book containing close to a 100 wordless caricatures. Funny, innocent, surprising. Sold in the thousands to buyers in bookstores or to business who use it as a giveaway.

All languages edition
Soft cover, 96 pages
Price:  4  3 US$
Titles available in manuscript format only

cover image of The King whose Name is LOVE

"Shlomo Kalo's tales of faith, rooted in some of the Gospel parables, are highly imaginative pieces of writing. The eight delightful stories show how love can transform common human attitudes. They contain profound religious insights, simply expressed. The way in which they pick up, but then expand and move on from the parables, makes them memorable expositions of love's meaning." The Rev. Canon Hugh Wybrew, Oxford, UK.

English edition by St Pauls Philippines, Claretian Publications, India and DAT Publications.
Other languages: Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean,
English edition in Israel is temporarily out of print

cover image of The Irin Gates

As the Author’s Note makes clear: This book is not a historical treatise, but a literary work based on historical facts…
These facts are the story of Bulgaria, and its beleaguered Jewish community, from earliest times to the present day, and relate in particular to the Second World War and its immediate aftermath, when Bulgaria was dominated successively by the might of Nazi Germany and the might of the Soviet Union. Based on the careers and the destinies of a variegated cast of historical characters (Traicho Kostov – who would become Bulgaria's Prime Minister, Miko Pappo – Jewish underground fighter and their associates, plus their sinister nemesis – Nicola Geshev), this is a saga of loyalty and corruption, idealism and betrayal, oppression and resistance, casting light on some neglected episodes in the history of post-war Europe.

Other languages: Hebrew
image cover of Hebrew edition of Dialog of Freedom DIALOG OF FREEDOM

This special dialog of questions and answers without a questioner nor an answerer, frequently changing its directions, beds and rhythm of flow - is a dialog of true freedom. From true freedom it wells up, towards true freedom it goes, and to true freedom it is gathered; it is saturated with it, serves it as a speaker and tries to describe it…
The book is made up of short dialogs that are divided into forty chapters according to their subjects. This division is far from being perfect. Not a few dialogs deal with more than one subject. As a matter of fact, each dialog stands in its own. It is in the reader's benefit to be aware of this.

Other languages: Hebrew

cover image of Moments of Truth MOMENTS OF TRUTH

Your life is hanging in the balance and everything you have ever thought and felt about the meaning of life collapses in ruins before your very eyes in an instant. For the first time you are forced to know yourself, as you are.
Churchill, Patton, Moses, Al-Gazali, Tamerlane, the Russian Prince Vassily, the unknown teacher Georgi Petrov, the American Christopher Balastero, The Englishman John Newton - all experience this same kind of fateful moment, and respond. This response has far-reaching effects.

MOMENTS OF TRUTH - Surprising, fascinating, sobering, based on facts.

Other languages: Hebrew, Polish
cover of ThouTHOU ART THOU

A profound, philosophical and spiritual work, written in an unusual lyrical style that is out of reach to any attempt to define or describe it.

Other languages: Hebrew, Spanish.
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